Meditation, Mindfulness, Music & More Retreat

Saturday, October 22, 9 a.m.-8:30 p.m. — Rediscover the Practice of Meditation and Mindfulness for greater Peace, Power, and Prosperity in Your Life!

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Angie Watson

9 a.m. – Qigong Meditation and Motion with Angie Watson

Through the moving meditation of Qi Gong, begin the retreat experience outdoors in our sacred garden. Nourish your vital energy and bring healing to your body, spirit, and soul by removing stagnant energy which can make you sick. This is accomplished by performing controlled movements and focused breathing, addressing the various negative emotions that “sit” on the internal organs creating dis-ease. Often, we are not aware of what emotions we are carrying, or they are buried so deep that they go undetected by our conscious mind. The moving meditation practice of Qi Gong, when done consistently, is a powerful tool that can begin to unblock us and unlock our true potential.

Angie Watson is a Tai Chi and Qi Gong Instructor. Born in Bologna, Italy Angie moved to America seeking personal freedom and growth. After spending 7 years in the beautiful mountains of Arizona, Angie found that helping others was her calling. She became a Personal Trainer in 1998 and upon returning to Florida, she obtained a Qi Gong instructor certification in 2003. She is currently teaching regular Tai Chi/Qi Gong classes as well as continuing to help post-rehab clients on a one-on-one basis.

Susan Rane

9:30 a.m. – Soma-Zen Breath Work with Susan Rane

For the SOMA-ZEN Meditation journey, we will move into the sanctuary to utilize chanting, rhythmic breathing, and breath-holds while listening to Trypnaural Meditation music to go into a deep state of relaxation and awareness. The breathwork produces Heart Coherence which synchronizes the systems of the body in a rhythmical way. In coherence, we can function most efficiently and feel deeply relaxed yet totally energized. The breath retentions create a space for the brain to rewire itself and grow new cells (neurogenesis); for the body to release stem cells for healing; and for activation of the 3rd eye/pineal gland creating feelings of Bliss and Divine Connection. In the deep state of relaxation and awareness, we can connect with the True Essence of who we are as ‘consciousness’ where a profound mind-clearing occurs, bringing us to a place of transcendence and be-ing.  From there, we can reprogram our limiting thoughts to manifest more abundance and joy in our lives.

Susan Rane knew she was “home” when she first walked through the doors of Unity in 2011.  The transformation she has experienced through Unity teachings has profoundly enhanced her life. A teacher by trade, she enjoys helping others find their best selves and connect to the divine presence within.  Susan received her Qigong Instructor Certification in 2008 and later trained with Niraj Naik of Soma Breath to become a breathwork facilitator.  This combination creates the foundation for SOMA ZEN.

Rev. Scott Sherman

10:30 a.m. – Sacred Healing Meditation Class with Scott Sherman

The Sacred Healing Meditation experience is one of wonderful peace, love, and healing. Rev. Sherman learned this technique from two spiritually oriented medical doctors who have worked in transformation and healing for over 60 years. The experience involves gentle touch or near touch of one’s energy centers in a loving, devotional setting. The intent is to amplify the natural energies of the mind/body and thus facilitate greater balance and wholeness. He has now shared this powerful process with over 8,500 individuals. Scott says, “It is the most loving, gentle experience I know. Because it is holistic, it has helped thousands to be healed of physical, emotional, financial and relationship issues.”  What a wonderful way to finish out the morning session of our retreat!

Rev. Scott Sherman has served in every significant leadership position in the Unity field movement in his 50+ years as a Unity minister.  In addition to leading Unity’s third largest church in Seattle, Washington for nearly ten years, Scott has been Executive Director, President, and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Association of Unity Churches.  He led Unity’s EnVision Ministry, traveling North America to present Sacred Meditation healing experiences and Vision Quests.


1:30 p.m. – Twelve Powers Master Class with Rev. Clive deLaporte

Rev. Clive deLaporte

Join many who have been blessed by the Twelve Powers Master Class. Rediscover an awakened awareness of the twelve faculties, abilities, and powers of the soul that enable and empower us to live with greater purpose, power, and prosperity. This master class on the Twelve Powers will teach participants how to connect and collaborate with these sacred potentialities which are individualized in each of us and to use them to fulfill our desire to experience and express greater purpose, power, and prosperity in life and living. Learn how to attune to these powers through the daily practice of meditation, learn how to affirm and appropriate these powers through the daily practice of prayer, and learn how to align and apply these powers practically and productively to your everyday life experiences through the practice of mindfulness in the moment. A truly transformational experience awaits you by attending this class.

Rev. Clive deLaporte is an ordained UWM Minister, Licensed UWM Teacher, affiliated CSL Minister, and certified Integrated Wellness Life Counselor and Coach. Rev. Clive provides online and onsite content, classes, events, and services empowering holistic and abundant spiritual living for New Thought ministries and members. He is the senior minister at Unity Spiritual Center of Vero Beach.

Amy Jahn

3:30 p.m. – Beyond Me To We with Amy Jahn

Right now, evolutionary forces are giving rise to a possibility for humanity that has never existed before: egoless shared unity. Together, through Mutual Awakening, we can inhabit this new egoless dimension of shared unity and gain direct access to quantum consciousness, where we exist in oneness, the unified field. In this domain we experience a profound sense of belonging, intimacy with ourselves and all of existence, simultaneously. Join Amy for an introduction exploring our movement beyond Me to We, the differences between the individual spiritual journey and the domain of unity, the historical context of this evolutionary movement toward oneness, and the hope and possibilities of a future that is calling us into an entirely new way of being. If you long for greater connection, more freedom from ego and separation, and to be a pioneer at the cutting edge of consciousness, this is for you.

 Amy Jahn has been working with people to support their spiritual growth for 30 years in various modalities and on staff in a large spiritual community. As a student of many master teachers, her introduction 8 years ago to Patricia Albere, founder of the Evolutionary Collective, was profound. The powerful practice of Mutual Awakening activated a life-changing awakening.  As a trained and certified teacher of the Mutual Awakening Practice, she is committed to bringing others into this field of miraculous shared Unity consciousness.

5:00 p.m. – Labyrinth Walking Meditation with Dr. Leslie Haatvedt

Leslie Haatvedt

To close out the afternoon, we will return to our sacred garden to celebrate the powerful symbol of the labyrinth. At first glance, the winding path of the labyrinth may look too challenging to figure out. As in life, however, if we are willing to take the first step and move forward, we come to the center and feel peace.

We will begin our labyrinth meditation with sound and silence, picturing the labyrinth in our minds and setting the intention to come to our center and connect with spirit. As we visualize walking into the center of the patterned stones, we feel ourselves releasing anything that does not serve our highest purpose. This is a path of prayer, and there are no unanswered prayers.

After a ten-minute guided meditation, participants will have a 20-minute opportunity to walk the actual labyrinth or have an inward labyrinth experience remaining seated in the Peace Pavilion. This is a sacred time. We release this world’s challenges; we receive and listen at the center; we return to where we started, giving thanks for having participated. We will end with a brief sharing and a blessing for all before we break for dinner and return for the evening concert.

Dr. Leslie Haatvedt is a teacher, psychotherapist, energy worker, and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a PhD. She presently maintains an office and a private practice with Child and Family Counseling Associates at The Lotus Center in Vero Beach. Leslie uses energy psychology which includes EMDR and EFT. A life-long learner and seeker of truth, Leslie is passionate about improving education for all (especially women), health education, ecology, and gardening.



Daniel Nahmod

Singer/songwriter, producer and humanitarian Daniel Nahmod is one of the most successful and admired independent artists in the United States today. He has sold over 150,000 CDs and 10,000 printed songbooks on his own Humanity Music Label, releasing 23 albums and performing for two million people across the United States and Canada, including Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Mormon, Baha’i, Unity, interfaith and secular audiences.

His music has been licensed by Saturday Night Live, The Today Show, The Voice, The Super Bowl, and American Idol, and his songs are performed around the world by independent artists, choirs, cantors and music ministers of numerous denominations on a weekly basis. Daniel is best known for his passionate, stirring live performances and an award-winning catalog of powerful, insightful, inspiring pop songs. Daniel and his collaborator Nimo were keynote performers at 2018’s Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto, where they performed their YouTube-sensation songs for an international interfaith audience of 10,000 on the main stage. You won’t want to miss this amazing concert!

Break time and light refreshments will be provided between activities.

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New Adventure in Faith

Rev. Clive deLaporte is introducing Rediscovering WOW! 2022 Adventure in Faith 40 days of True Lent Program, beginning February 27 and running until Easter on April 17. Mark your calendars for regular Sunday Services and NEW Wednesday Services from 6:30-8 p.m. This Wednesday (March 2) begins the program with A True Lent Ash Wednesday interactive study group/service.