Life Celebrations

Unity of Vero Beach

A beautiful facility for sacred ceremonies

Weddings, Christenings, memorial services, and more… All are among the ways we can support you in your desire to recognize and celebrate the passages in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Wedding and Commitment Services

We can help make one of the most important days of your life even more meaningful. You need not be a member of Unity to have the wedding of your dreams.

Rev. Clive deLaporte is available to serve your wedding and commitment service needs. He is also available to provide spiritual counseling and coaching on the guiding principles and practice of the spiritual path of couplehood. He provides a Celtic handfasting service that affirms and anoints the union in the guiding and empowering values of Faith, Strength, Wisdom, Love, Imagination, Understanding, Will, Order, Zeal, Elimination, and Life. At USCVB we serve the spiritual and personal needs of all and anyone is lovingly welcomed here.

You also are welcome to bring your own officiant.

Our sanctuary can accommodate up to 200 guests. It features a long center aisle for the bridal party’s entrance and overlooks a labyrinth and beautiful butterfly garden. Reception venue on site.

We offer:

  • Large sanctuary
  • Small Chapel
  • Labyrinth with a butterfly garden
  • Beautiful grounds
  • Full kitchen
  • Plenty of parking
  • Sound technician

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Christening is an ancient ritual that predates even the earliest Christian traditions. The rite and the interpretation of its meaning have undergone many changes over time, and today christening is practiced in many different ways. The purpose of Christening is to recognize the spiritual identity and purpose of a soul. In Unity, we look to the example of Jesus as our guide. In Mark 10: 13-16 we read that Jesus took children in his arms and blessed them.

Christening in Unity is the act of welcoming a child into our world and recognizing this soul by name on its human journey. It is a time for parents to dedicate themselves to raising their child in an awareness of God’s loving presence.

Godparents ~ If you decide to include them, you may choose as many people as you wish. There is no legal obligation or responsibility made through a Christening service.

Spiritual Baptisms ~ For children (age seven & above) and adults we provide a spiritual baptism service.

Life Celebrations & Memorial Services

Rev. Clive deLaporte is available to serve the life celebration and memorial service needs of your loved one regardless of their religion, faith, or none, and regardless of the circumstances of their passing. He is also available to provide prayer and pastoral support in times of grief and loss. At USCVB we provide life celebration and memorial services that are positive, uplifting celebrations of life and serve the spiritual and personal needs of all, and anyone is lovingly welcomed here.

Home Blessings

A private home blessing ceremony acknowledges and honors your home as sacred space, and as a sanctuary of love, peace and joy. Many people request a home blessing as they settle into a new home or apartment, but a home blessing ceremony is appropriate at any time, whether you have just moved in or have lived in your home for many years.

For more information about any of these special services, please contact us.


Our labyrinth


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