We are grateful that you have discovered our website. You are probably in the process of searching for a spiritual community that affirms who you are as a spiritual being.

Many people who discover our church often say “it felt like coming home” or “I didn’t know there was a church who believed as I do.”

If you are looking for a spiritual community that:

  • Honors and celebrates the good in all spiritual traditions.
  • Believes all people are the expressions of God’s love and welcomes and honors people – no matter what their age, gender, creed, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Has no strict creed or dogma to profess.
  • Teaches spiritual transformation in our personal lives, our community and our world.
  • Holds that permanent lasting peace on the planet must emanate from peace within the heart and soul of each individual.

…then Unity of Vero Beach may be the place for you.

We are a Spiritual Center of light and love; we inspire people to awaken their Christ Consciousness. We are here to encourage and uplift the human spirit, so that others can discover the wonder of their own being. Unity is based upon the practical applications of Jesus the Christ and other spiritual masters. We believe that there are many names for God; many faces of God; and many paths to God, but only one God that loves all of Its creation.

If this philosophy resonates with you, we invite you to join us Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. You will be welcomed with open arms, open minds and open hearts.


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